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Precast Concrete Stormwater Management Systems
RES Omega Underground Sand Filter System
Varying Spans & Heights
Structures are designed to support HS-20 wheel loads with as little as 6" of earth cover from wearing surface to top of structure. Internal spans are 14', 16' or 18' and internal heights range from 3'-8" to 11'-8" at 2' intervals.
The RES Omega Underground Sand Filter system is a large span structure used mainly for larger filter systems. Larger spans of 14', 16' and 18' reduce the number of sections needed to construct a large system thus reducing the time to fabricate, install and the cost of the system. The precast sections come with a monolithically cast T-shaped footing on each leg that supports the loading on the structure. A non-structural slab-on-grade is cast between the footings after installations to enclose the system. Precast internal baffle walls seperate the pre-treatment, filter and detention chambers. 
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Multiple Barrel Systems
Systems may consist of multiple barrels to fit within restricted areas. Equalization pipes are used to connect seperate barrels.
Internal Walls Cast-in
Systems come with internal precast baffle walls to seperate pre-treatment, filter and detention chambers. Internal walls can be customized with special orifices, weirs or heights to control the flow of water.
Multiple Interior Chambers
Treatment and detention can be combined in a single system. Internal walls are used to seperate treatment chambers from detention chambers in the same structure to reduce the overall cost of the system. 
Pipe Openings Cast-in
Sections come with pipe openings cast-in.
Access Openings & Steps
Precast sections come with cast-in access openings and manhole steps. Access openings range from 24" diameter to 48"x48" hatch opening.
Outlet Control Structure
Internal outlet control structures can be customized to control water flow.
Floor Slab-on-Grade
After the precast sections are installed and backfilled, a non-structural slab-on-grade is cast between footings to enclose the structure.
Sealing Interior Joints
Internal vertical joints between sections are sealed with an elastomeric sealant, and the floor slab is sealed around its perimeter with an expandable water-stop to create a water-tight system.
Sealing Exterior joints
The exterior joints between precast sections are sealed with an exterior joint wrap.
Flatbed Delivery
Precast sections come to the jobsite one section per delivery truck.
Rotation of Tall Sections
Precast sections with an inside height larger than 8' need to shipped on their side due to height restrictions. These sections need to be rotated on site prior to installation.
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