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Precast Concrete Stormwater Management Systems
Hydro-Lock Sand Filter
Deep Profile Capabilities
Structures are buried beneath parking lots and are designed for HS-20 tractor-trailer loading as well as a minimum of 6" and a maximum of 20'-0" of earth cover. Greater fills can be accomodated with special design.
The Hydro-Lock Sand filter System is an underground system placed mainly beneath parking lots to filter stormwater runoff. Internal precast baffle walls are designed to trap floating trash and oils and sediment in the pretreatment chamber while allowing cleaner water through to the filter chamber where it flows through the filter media to the outlet pipe. 
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Single or Multiple Barrels
Structures can be constructed as a single barrel or multiple barrel system to fit within requires site constraints.
Multiple Sizes
The o-ring system comes in multiple sizes. See the attached chart for a list of available sizes.
Continuous O-ring Gasket
Each section comes with a continuous o-ring gasket that provides a seal that is water-tight up to 30' of head pressure (per ASTM C443). Sections come to the jobsite with the gasket already attached to the joint.
Internal Baffle Walls
Internal baffle walls are installed to seperate internal chambers. the baffle walls can be customized to include control orifices and bypass weirs.
Access Openings
Access openings range in size from 24" diameter to 48"x48" hatch openings. Openings can be placed where needed.
Pipe Openings
Sections come with preformed pipe openings where required.
Install w/ Crane
Section weights range from 16 tons to 25 tons which restrict us to shipping one section per load and requires a crane to install. RES recommends that the contractor have the crane company visit the site to determine the size of crane needed. Crane size depends on both section weight and reach. 
Sandfilter Media
RES sandfilters can be customized to house any depth or size of media. The media should not be installed until the site has been stabilized in order to protect the life of the media.
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