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Precast Concrete Stormwater Management Systems
Stormwater Solutions
StormPod Universal Stormwater Management System
A revolutionary underground precast concrete arch system that makes stormwater management more economical. Can be used for:
  • Detention/Retention/Harvesting
  • Infiltration
  • DC or Delaware Style Sandfilter
  • Treatment Train
At RES we specialize in providing Stormwater Management Solutions that include stormwater detention and retention systems and a range of harvesting and stormwater treatment applications. RES’s unique modular designs make it easy to customize our systems to meet your specific needs.

Our solutions are designed to help engineers, architects, developers and municipalities manage and control stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces like pavement, roads and buildings. Excess runoff can cause erosion and flooding and can degrade the water quality as it discharges back into rivers, streams and other bodies of water. Our products help control the volume and timing of the discharge to ensure that your site is in line with local regulations.

The design team at RES works with you to create the most effective solution for your site. We are committed to providing reliable, quality, durable materials that will manage, control and treat the stormwater runoff at your site. Contact RES today to learn more about our engineered solutions or request a preliminary design and budget estimate today.

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StormGarden Tree Box Filter
A high flow rate bio-filtration tree box system proven to be effective at the removal of ultra-fine and dissolved pollutants normally found in stormwater runoff. Its small footprint allows it to be used on highly developed sites such as landscaped areas, parking lots and streetscapes.
DC Sandfilters
The Washington DC Sandfilter is an underground sandfilter system that typically consists of a multi-chamber underground vault accessible by access openings. The DC design is intended to treat flow conveyed by a storm drain, and can be retrofitted within existing systems.
Delaware Sandfilters
The Delaware Sandfilter is an below-ground filter system that is typically flush with finish grade. It consists of a multi-chamber vault accessible by access openings and removable concrete slabs. The Delaware design is intended to flow directly from an impervious area and is well suited to placement along parking areas.
Underground Infiltration System
On sites where soils drain well and the water table is low enough, a stormwater infiltration system may be the most economical means for managing runoff. Infiltration systems allow accumulated runoff water to percolate into the subsoil improving the water quality through the soils natural filtering ability. Infiltration is a key feature of low impact development (LID) designs.
Underground Detention Systems
Underground stormwater detention systems are used to control the flow of stormwater. Detention systems work as an integral part of the storm sewer system to provide a temporary storage area for excess stormwater. Runoff is stored and discharged over time whenever runoff inflow exceeds the allowable discharge rate. The systems are typically installed beneath parking lots, streets and parks to maximize property usage and lower development costs.
Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Rainwater Harvesting is fast becoming a leading tool for engineers to reduce runoff and meet Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure (GI) goals. In addition to irrigation, harvested water can be used for toilet flushing, process water, and cooling make-up.