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Precast Concrete Stormwater Management Systems
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The MagnaPod Advantage:
MagnaPod combines pre-treatment, filtration, extended detention, and infiltration into one system. This treatment train design results in both extremely high pollutant removal efficiencies and runoff volume reduction while replenishing the groundwater supply. By using RES’s StormPod system components, MagnaPod is the most cost effective Low Impact Design (LID) system on the market.

  • Over 85% expected reduction in total phosphorous mass loading.
  • Supports AASHTO HL93 wheel load with 12” minimum cover above arch.
  • Aquifers allow infiltration of water from above the structure.
  • Reduces runoff and replenishes groundwater supply meeting Low Impact Design (LID) requirements.
  • System is accessible for easy maintenance.
  • Standard modules simplify complex design configurations dictated by site constraints.
Pre-Treatment Chamber:
A permanent pool, in conjunction with a shroud, creates a water trap that traps sediment and floating debris in the pre-treatment chamber. A protected high flow bypass pipe allows larger storms to bypass to the detention chamber while isolating pollutants to the pre-treatment chamber.

Filter Chamber:
The filter chamber consists of floor openings filled with P15URGE sorbtive high-flow filter media that removes pollutants from the stormwater runoff as if flows through the media filling the voids of the stone bedding beneath the system. As the stormwater flows through the filter media, it runs through two additional polishing filter layers consisting of sorbtive materials (P15URGE-Drain and P15URGE-Perk).

Extended Detention Chamber:
As water flows throughout the chamber it first fills the voids of the stone bedding and then equalizes throughout the entire chamber including the external aquifers. An outlet control weir downstream of the system holds back the flow of water allowing the entire system to fill with water.

Since the entire system is set on top of a stone bed reservoir, a portion of the stormwater runoff is allowed to infiltrate into the surrounding soils thus reducing runoff volume and replenishing the groundwater supply. Also, by reducing the stormwater runoff volume, the overall pollutant removal efficiency is increased.

No other storm water management system can match MagnaPod’s ease of maintenance. It is the only system on the market that provides a single open chamber no matter what the configuration of the system. Unlike other systems, MagnaPod has 6’ inside headroom allowing maintenance crews total accessibility throughout the system.