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Precast Concrete Stormwater Management Systems
Stormwater Harvesting Products
Low Profile Underground Cistern
Low profile systems are ideal for sites with high groundwater or bedrock.
LID strives to eliminate runoff by reducing impervious area and infiltrating wherever practical. If your site has high groundwater, soils with low permeability, bedrock, or other limiting conditions, infiltration alone may not provide enough runoff reduction to meet regulations. That’s when rainwater harvesting is an important tool to help meet runoff reduction requirements.

Rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, greywater recycling, chiller unit water collection and other water storage needs are rapidly becoming commonplace not only in Green Building designs, but also other applications where water conservation is important. With the RES Rainwater Harvesting System, you have all the components to build an efficient and effective water re-use or runoff reduction system.

  • Significantly reduce runoff, even on sites where infiltration is not possible
  • Preserve municipal fresh water supplies
  • Eliminate the energy required to move water long distances
  • Eliminate CO2 emissions associated with that energy consumption
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StormPod Underground Cistern
Buried large span box system with spans ranging from 14' to 18'.
StormPod Cistern Drawings:
5k Gallon Cistern
7k Gallon Cistern
8k Gallon Cistern
10k Gallon Cistern
11k Gallon Cistern
14k Gallon Cistern
16k Gallon Cistern
18k Gallon Cistern
19k Gallon Cistern
20k Gallon Cistern
22k Gallon Cistern
15k Gallon Cistern
28k Gallon Cistern
29k Gallon Cistern
32k Gallon Cistern
33k Gallon Cistern
34k Gallon Cistern
36k Gallon Cistern
40k Gallon Cistern
44k Gallon Cistern
48k Gallon Cistern
50k Gallon Cistern
52k Gallon Cistern
56k Gallon Cistern
60k Gallon Cistern
105k Gallon Cistern
O-ring Box Culvert Underground Cistern
O-ring joint gasket provides water-tight seal at high head pressures.
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